Migration, Music, & Memory Map

This interactive map illustrates John and Frances Reedy's:
  • Residential migration from Eastern Kentucky to Ohio and back again;
  • Diverse commercial recording career;
  • Documentation of their music and memories; and
  • Ongoing influence and recognition as Appalachian songwriters and musicians.
Use the map key in the upper left-hand corner to identify different layers of the map and the + and - in the lower right-hand corner to zoom in and out. Click on individual pins on the map to read more about each item. In some dense geographical areas like Nashville and Dayton where the Reedys produced numerous recordings, you may need to zoom in extra to access individual items on the discography. You can also click on the bracket in the upper right-hand corner to enter full-screen mode.

We plan to update the map to include additional categories and media artifacts. Feel free to share any ideas with us for Reedy data that we could include on the map.

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