Friday, August 21, 2009

Bob Dylan Covers John Reedy?!

I couldn't wait to post my unlikely discovery... I worked on the discography today, and this afternoon I got online to check a few other sources before I posted it. And lo and behold...

...But wait, this treasure must first be prefaced by two very important facts: 1) John Reedy is most famous for his oft-covered (and often erroneously credited as "Traditional") gospel song, "Somebody Touched Me," and 2) Timi is a die-hard Bob Dylan fan.

So I found a helpful site that listed various recordings of the song, two by John Reedy and mostly covers by others, including a live cover by Bob Dylan! It's the first track on a Japanese-issued compilation of previously unreleased recordings, called "Bob Dylan Live 1961-2000: Thirty Nine Years Of Great Performances." (The CD itself is such a limited edition there's only one copy on Amazon, and it's almost $50!)

Someone now has a great excuse for contacting one of her all-time favorite performers to make sure he got the credits in the liner notes right...

(22 Sept. 11:58 pm)

So I was right--Timi was thrilled to learn that Bob had indeed done a cover of her papaw's song! We marveled and giggled over it for a while as I recreated my search that turned it up. Then we actually found a YouTube video of a live performance. The footage isn't great, but it's him, and he's doin' it!

There's another YouTube post of what is basically a photo slideshow that someone created over an audio track. It seems like it might be the same one as in the other video, just a higher-quality audio version of the same performance. I wonder if it might be the recording that was included on the special edition CD, though the video is referenced as 1999, and the CD track was recorded live at Portsmouth, England in 2000...

(9 May 2017 12:00 pm)

As you can see, the various YouTube videos of Bob Dylan covering John Reedy's gospel song "Somebody Touched Me" that we previously posted have been removed. However, we found another audio recording available from the soundtrack of Rolling Thunder: The Gospel Years. Enjoy!

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