Saturday, August 27, 2011

Reedy's Records Now Open!

As we've discovered, sorted, digitized, and archived the vast volume of Reedy recordings, we continue to encounter duplicate copies of some items.  We are slowly getting organized, and are happy to announce that we now have some surplus Reedy 45's for sale on eBay!

You can check out our current selection on the new "Shop Reedy's Records" page, also in the list of blog pages in the left-hand menu.  We're new to this form of vending, but we hope this will prove a beneficial means of sharing Frances and John's musical talents and their commercial recordings on the original medium that they were produced!  

We have a modest selection to offer so far, but we anticipate new additions in the near future.  There are currently two 45's on the Viola Records (Lundy Music) label: VR-118 "Summer is Gone" / "That's the Man I'm Looking For" and VR-225 "Cherokee Lady" / "Tennessee Duels".

Frances and John recorded several 45's, an LP, and an 8-track at Lundy Recording Studio, founded and owned by David Lundy.  (A full list of Reedy recordings on the Lundy label is available on our master discography.)  Check out our oral history interview with David Lundy, meet his wife Viola, and take a tour of the studio in Barbourville, Kentucky.