Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reedy Documentary is Officially in Production!

Timi and Tambone are proud to announce that we have formally commenced production of a documentary project about Timi's mamaw and papaw, Frances and John Reedy, and their musical legacy. We are so excited about the opportunities and encouragement that continue presenting themselves, and we plan to use this blog as a space for documenting our process of research, planning, production, post-production, and distribution of this story. This will no doubt be a process of self-discovery as well as one of finding unknown, hidden treasures we didn't even know existed.

We've been brainstorming, planning, and daydreaming about the project this summer while also working on several responsibilities and programs related to the upcoming Clear Creek Festival on Labor Day weekend. It's been fun and challenging to learn to apply my administrative AND artistic skills to such an interesting and comprehensive project. I've mostly worked on much shorter videos and more abbreviated topics, so this is definitely an excellent opportunity to hone and expand those skills. An invaluable resource that I highly recommend is The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide by Anthony Artis(check his highly informative and entertaining blog where you can also find info about the book).

So after the festival is over, we hope to take a mini-vacation before our Appalachian Sound Archives Fellowship begins in mid-September. We're really looking forward to spending the fall semester on campus as scholars! I'll try to post the fellowship project that we'll be working on soon (either as a document or as a blog post...). Next on my to-do list is to create an account for Timi so she can log in as herself and make posts as well.

We hope that this process will be one that others will enjoy vicariously as we embark on this adventure! Stay tuned...

p.s. A few years ago, I made a family holiday video in honor of Timi's mamaw Frances. It's just a glimpse of her late in life, but it also includes a soundtrack featuring a couple of her vocals on some of their early bluegrass recordings. Enjoy!


(20 Aug. 6:10 pm)

I also want to let folks know that the 3rd Annual Clear Creek Film Fest will include a short digital story that I made about my grandparents helping us build our house as well as a pilot program by Blair et al that includes an interview with Timi and me. All of the selections for this years festival are excellent, and we'll also be featuring some exclusive archival shorts from Appalshop in honor of their 40th anniversary. Finally, Elizabeth Barrett and Mimi Pickering will be joining us for the weekend as part of the Al Smith Fellowship Filmmakers Tour. Look for more details soon or visit

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