Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey-Birthday 2010

Even though we previously included the “Holidays With Frances” video on our inaugural blog post, it seemed appropriate to re-post it in memory of the last Thanksgiving that we spent with her in 2005, which was also the last time that Timi’s birthday fell on Thanksgiving.

Since today is Timi’s Thanksgiving birthday again, I wanted to make her a present that would honor Frances in a unique way.  So I made her a CD of “Frances Reedy’s Greatest Hits” (AKA “Timi’s 2010 Turkey-Birthday Playlist”) that features her mamaw’s vocals on all of the tracks.  Most of the songs are commercial recordings, but some are from the reel-to-reel tapes that were digitized or even audio tracks that were converted from video footage.

Song Title (Source)
Sound Check; Frances Talking on Phone (Reel-to-reel)
Driftwood (Twin City 1021)
Cherokee Lady (Viola Records VR 225)
Grandad's Fiddle (Viola Records)
Moonlight and Music (Viola Records)
Tiny Bitty Pieces (Jewel 1017)
Little Sparrow (Christmas 1980 Home Video)
Go Your Way Now And I'll Go Mine (Reel-to-reel)
You Take One Step-He’ll Take Two (Reel-to-reel)
Starday Hall of Fame Radio Intro to ‘Oh Death’ (Reel-to-reel) 
Oh, Death (John Reedy 502)
Somebody's Been Praying for Me (John Reedy CP-6151)
Prayer Is Worth More Than Silver or Gold
We Can Please God (John Reedy CP-6151)
My Warfare Soon Will Be Ended (Starday SEP 199)
Stay a Little Longer (Christmas 1980 Home Video)
Somebody Loves You Darlin' (Reel-to-reel)
I’ll Fly High Up In the Kingdom (Starday SEP 199)
Grandfather's Clock (1996 Oral History Video)
John & Frances talking (Reel-to-reel)

I know that Timi is immeasurably grateful for the gift of her mamaw while growing up, and I’m likewise grateful to have known Frances during the last part of her life.  This playlist is actually a present for both of them: as a special Turkey-birthday compilation for Timi and as a complete “album” of songs that represents, validates, and channels Frances’ voice beyond simply being one of her husband’s “hillbillies.”

While I only knew her for a brief time compared to Timi, Frances and I shared a special bond that actually revolved around our birthdays.  Hers was on December 31, mine January 1, and my mom’s January 2; a Capricorn powerhouse in Sagittarius as far as Timi was concerned!  So I had found the footage from the 2005 Turkey-birthday, and I put together the “Holidays” video on December 31, 2006, which was Frances’ first birthday we celebrated without her. 

Happy Turkey-birthday, Timi; we love, miss, and are thankful for you still, Mamaw…

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