Thursday, September 17, 2009

Reedy Christmas 1980

Today I hung out at Jeneene and Travis' house (kitty-sitting whilst they're at the beach wedding) and worked on and off on some consulting research I'm doing. (I'm also not feeling 100% today, and thus the on-and-off.) It's also an off-day from Fellowship research because Special Collections is closed, and today's Timi's day to hang out with her dad in Corbin.

When Timi came back this evening, she had a DVD from her step-mom with some video footage of her mamaw and papaw playing songs together for what she said had been the first time in a couple of years. She also said it was taken at their house on Ford Street and was Christmastime around 1980. I knew Frances but never knew John, and I knew her much later in her life. They were really cute to watch together! 

Harold's videography was a little swimmy at times, but the sound quality was much better than expected. Also, Timi noted several of the songs weren't commercial recordings that she could remember, and some were childhood favorites that her mamaw sang to her and that she was listening to for the first time again in years! There's definitely some good footage to use, and I think there's even more good audio to reproduce. Thanks to Pooger for capturing the original VHS and making us a DVD to use for the documentary.

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